Heat Treatment for Bed bugs, Cockroach & SPI's in London, Essex & Kent

Heat Treatment is a new fantastic chemical free treatment offered by 007 Pest Control throughout Essex, London & Kent.  We can eradicate bed bugs in hotels, public transport & private housing allowing you the customer to use the infested area the same day.  We are also able to provide our services to food manufacturers, food distributors, residential and care homes & shipping containers to remove unwanted pests such as cockroaches, grain weevil, woodworm, carpet mites, ants, flour beetles and many other SPI's.

How It Works......

The heat treatment works by pumping hot air through portable heat exchangers connected to our central heating module powered by a diesel generator.  The mobile unit is placed outside of the treatment area connected to our heat exchangers via hosing inside the infected area.  The hot air is then pumped around to an approximate temperature of 59°.  This temperature has to be kept going at a constant rate to enable the heat to flow continuously throughout the area.  After the procedure has been carried out, the area can be used immediately due to no chemicals being used, enabling hotels, care homes, residential homes to resume as normal.  With the food industry, work can carry on as normal whilst the heat treatment is carried out.  This means that no chemicals are entering the building and more importantly, no loss of earnings due to having to shut down areas of production and distribution.

Not only does the heat treatment kill the adult insect, but all stages of the insects lifecycle.  This is caused by dehydration within the insect.  this then prevents further areas becoming infested due to total elimination.

Not only can the heat treatment be used for eliminating unwanted pests, but can also be used to remove mould, fungal attacking pathogens and to dry out water damaged areas of properties during floods.  Our rapid response team are able to arrive and set up our equipment efficiently to resolve all of your problems as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Heat Treatment......

  • Eliminates removal of contaminated items such as mattresses and soft furnishings.
  • A chemical free process allowing the area to be occupied directly after treatment with no residual effects.
  • Protecting your business as pest problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimal disruption of the business as a single treatment can resolve the problem rapidly.
  • Extremely versatile enabling our system to operate in different areas simultaneously saving time.
Heat Treatment for Bed bugs, Cockroach, Woodworm & SPI's in London, Essex, Kent, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Carlisle, Newcastle, Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Cambridge, Glasgow & Edinburgh 0800 142 2476
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