The Canadian Goose – branta Canadensis

Canadian Geese

Adult size (approx.): 92cm-102cm


The Canadian Goose was introduced from North America and is now a well-established bird in and around England mainly around areas such as ponds, lakes, marshes and coastal areas.


The Canadian Goose has long pair bonds and a very strong attachment to their natal area.  They build large nests and lay 5-7 eggs at the end of March-May.  They can sometimes move short distances to moult and locally disperse during the winter months.


The Canadian Goose can cause damage by fouling areas of grassland such as golf courses and parklands.  As they are quite an aggressive bird, it is thought that their presence can often scare and put pressure on existing wildfowl populations.


Shooting can be accomplished all year round under a general license, depending on the situation.  Scaring can take place in rural locations but is normally only effective for short periods of time.  Habitat adjustment can be undertaken with the relocation of nesting sites that can help in the reduction in breeding populations.  Fencing around particular areas is another option around water areas or crops.

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