Pigeon Cleaning & Dropping Removal Service in Essex, London & Kent

007 Pest Control's expert pigeon cleaning service is a very effective and reliable bird dropping removal service.  Our team of highly trained technical experts are able to clean up pigeon guano in a number of varied locations including high, hard to reach areas.  All of our technicians are fully trained in the dangers of carrying out this highly hazardous cleaning procedure.

In our experience, pigeon mess has been located in some of the most difficult areas to reach such as loft spaces and high ledges.  We are able to provide you with a quick and efficient service to remove the bird droppings in the safest manner and dispose of correctly according to Waste Regulations.

We have carried out pigeon cleaning in hospitals, loft spaces, factories, warehouses, breweries, barns, churches, balconies, air conditioning units, boiler houses and many more.  For more details, or to obtain a free site survey and quotation, call us today on 0800 142 2476.

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    For peace of mind or to request a site survey please call us now on: 0800 142 2476

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