Bird & Pigeon Netting in Essex, London & Kent

007 Pest Control are able to provide expert bird and pigeon netting for both our residential and commercial customers.  Pigeon netting is available in black, white, stone and also a flame-retardant material to suit the décor of your building.  Sizes can vary and we can provide netting from a simple square to intricate designs.  We are able to carry out full site surveys in order to ascertain the best way to install the pigeon net and provide you with details which can aid in preventing future infestations.

Bird or Pigeon netting can be provided for exterior areas of buildings such as roofs, roof top air conditioning units, windows, ledges and balconies.  We are able to also place netting internally around beams where factories have doors constantly open.  007 Pest Control have also installed pigeon nets to barns, courtyard areas, flats and NHS hospitals.  For a free quotation and survey, contact us today on 0800 142 2476.


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