Woodworm Removal in Essex, London, Kent, Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge & Peterborough


Common Furniture Beetle, Woodworm – anobium punctatum

Furniture Beatle

Adult size (approx.): 0.3-0.5cm


This is a timber pest of temperate zones and common in the UK both indoors and outdoors.  The Larvae feed by tunnelling through wood causing damage to structural timbers and furniture.  They also attack trees and fence posts externally.


We are able to carry out pesticide free treatments for woodworm making this the safest treatment on the market.  007 Pest Control are able to heat up the woodworm infestation in houses, furniture and newly cut timbers to eradicate woodworm quickly and efficiently.  With our expert team, we are able to provide you with streaming data to ensure a full eradication of woodworm. Many companies will use a water based residual treatment which although can be effective, can be quite time consuming.


Egg – Larvae – Pupae - Adult


Egg: approx 30 per Female laid in groups of 2-3 at a time in grains of wood.  They hatch in approx 2-4 weeks
Larvae: whitish in colour, not normally seen as they bore through timber creating tunnels as they feed, usually in sapwood
Pupae: close to wood surface, Adults emerge by biting exit hole
Adult: dark brown in colour, approx 3-5mm in length, actively flying in May-June



A serious pest if not dealt with.  Polished woods are not normally attacked but even the best furniture has exposed joints in and around its frame.  It is common for the wild populations outside of the home to venture indoors during the spring, moving from tree trunks and fence posts to roof timbers.  The wooden windows and door frames of older buildings are also prone to attack and after many years of infestation even substantial roofing timbers may become seriously weakened.

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