Bedbug – cimex lecturalis


Adult size (approx.): 5mm - 10mm


Normally a nocturnal parasite, the Bedbug tends to feed on mammalian blood in the dark. They can feed on Humans, Cats, Dogs and Rodents. They hide during the day in cracks and crevices such as beds, furniture, skirting boards, wallpaper and electrical sockets. They normally only emerge when they are hungry searching for food which can be every few days.


As a London based bed bug treatment specialist, we are able to assist you in all infestations in both domestic and commercial premises.  Our bed bug specialist will be able to identify and remove your bed bug infestation, ensuring you have a peaceful nights sleep.

A thorough treatment is needed as to infect all areas so the Bed bug can be eradicated. Normal procedures will include a residual spray treatment to all areas such as beds, curtains, furniture and flooring. A smoke bomb will also be used after the residual treatment.  We can also provide monitoring contracts for bedbugs in hotels and hostels and carry out block treatments if necessary.  It is highly likely that your Bed bug problem is more complex than it may first appear if you have a London postcode due to the upsurge in recent activity.  We may need to take items away to dispose of or to decontaminate.  We are also able to offer heat treatments for both our domestic & commercial customers.  This will eradicate your bed bug problem with no pesticides within a day.  For a free quotation, call us today.



Egg - Nymph - Adult
Egg: small, whitish. Up to 200 can be laid (possibly more) at a rate of 4 -5 a day. Only hatch above 13 degrees centigrade.
Nymph: includes 5 moults taking from a few weeks to a few months depending on food supply and conditions.
Adult: approx 5-10mm clear in colour when they have not fed and flat. Reddish brown and humped just after feeding.




Bites can cause severe allergic irritation. They are not known for carrying any diseases. They can be carried around by luggage or clothing. Can be transferred and found in hotels, hostels, lodging houses etc.

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