Honey Bee – apis mellifera


Adult size (approx.): 1.2cm-2cm


The Honey Bee forms a complex colony, mainly in the wild but has been known to create nests in houses.  Colonies can survive several years and over winter (adults only) using stored honey as food.  One Queen lays eggs, with many thousands of sterile Females, the Males being short lived.  They can sting but only if they feel threatened.



Egg – Larvae – Pupae - Adult
Eggs: many thousands laid by the Queen throughout the Spring and Summer months
Larvae: Legless Grubs laid within wax cells fed with the Queens’s milk (only by the Queen) and pollen by the workers
Pupae: Developed in the cells
Adults: Dark brown in colour and hairy.  All are winged with the workers approx 12-15mm and the Queens 16-20mm.



Bees are a beneficial Insect for the garden as they are pollinators.  They are also useful for producing wax and honey.  Their ability to sting and swarm particularly when they are moving nests can sometimes cause problems.


The last resort is to kill the Bee as there are far and few between today.  We remove the Bees and place them in our hives.

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