The Flea – ctenocephalides felis


Adult size (approx.): 0.2cm


The Flea is only parasitic as an Adult, living in or on the hosts’ fur/hair and feeding on its blood.  The larvae tend to live in the hosts bedding feeding on the droppings from the Adult Flea.



Egg: up to 1000 per Female, they are laid after a blood meal in small batches in the hosts hair approximately 1mm in size, colouring white.
Larva: whitish in colour and up to 5mm in length, living in hosts bedding, fully grown in 3 weeks.
Pupa: in cocoon spun by the Larva.  Normally emerge 2-4 weeks in response to vibration.  Delayed by several months if not stimulated.
Adult: approximately 2mm in size, brown and wingless, flat with long rear legs for jumping



Although the Flea is considered to carry diseases, there is little evidence that they can be transmitted to humans.  The Flea biting on some humans, especially children, can cause irritation.  The Flea is able to remain dormant in buildings over long periods of time.


Control treatments need to be thorough, vacuuming the infected and surrounding areas.  A residual treatment is throughout as cocoons containing Pupae are relatively tolerant to penetration by insecticide and may emerge some time after treatment.

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