Silverfish – lepisma saccharina


Adult size (approx): 2cm


Normally a nocturnal Insect, they can also be found during the day in dark or unlit areas.  They forage in mainly bathrooms and kitchens sticking to damp, cool conditions.  During the day (or when light appears) they hide in small cracks and crevices such as behind tiles or holes in grout, wallpaper, skirting and bath panels.



Egg – Nymph - Adult
Egg: up to 100 can be laid over a 2month period
Nymph: up to 10 moulting stages, taking up to a year to complete
Adult: wingless Insect, silver in colour approx 20mm in length when fully grown



The Silverfish is mainly just a nuisance pest but can also be damaging to items such as documents and manuscripts, textiles and packets of dried food in damp kitchens.


A residual treatment to the infected area paying particular attention to harbourage areas i.e. skirting and tiles etc.

Areas Covered for Silverfish Control


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