The Badger – meles meles


Adult size (approx.): 90cm 10kg


The Badger is a member of the Weasel family.  They are approx. 10kg in weight once fully grown.  They are generally grey with a black underbelly.  Mainly found throughout the United Kingdom, the Badger is also found in Europe and parts of Asia.  Badgers live underground in burrows/setts.  The sett can be a hole with a short tunnel or many holes with intricate tunnel systems.  Setts are mainly found in and around woodland areas but have also been found under buildings, railways and roads.


The Badger lives in social groups of 6-9 adults.  They defend their territory and place boundaries marked by dung pits and latrine sites.  Mid February the Sow (Female) is on heat with 2-3 Cubs being born to a single Sow in the group.  The Cubs emerge for the first time at approx. 8 weeks old and are fully weaned at 4-5 months.


Badgers can cause a great deal of damage by digging under foundations of buildings and roads.  They can also cause damage to crops and can kill livestock.  Badgers have been known to carry Bovine Tuberculosis and pass it on to cattle and other animals throughout the UK.


The Badger is protected under legislation so limits control to a certain extent.  Proofing the effected area is highly recommended.  Setts can be closed and one-way Badger gates put in place with the use of electric fencing to prevent access to areas such as crops etc.  Click the link below to read some general advice from the Badger Trust:

Areas Covered for Badger Control

Badger Control, Proofing & Advice in Essex, London & Kent

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