Fox – vulpes vulpes


Adult size (approx.): 110cm 6.5kg


The Fox is mainly active at night but have been seen foraging during the day. In urban areas they can be found along railway lines, parks, cemeteries and overgrown gardens. They may go to ground in earths or dens. Earths may be specially dug by the fox or they may occupy enlarged rabbit holes or Badger sets. They have also been known to use dens under sheds and other buildings. They can eat a wide variety of foods including Insects, Birds, Mice, fruits and foods from your bins.


On site humane fox control services are available throughout Essex, London & Kent including fox repellents, fox deterrents, fox proofing, fox catching, caging & removal.  Our specialist services can reduce damage caused by foxes and leave you peace of mind.  Fox repellents include natural remedies, ultrasonic devices and residual spray treatments.  Proofing can be carried out subject to survey.  We remove foxes in our steel framed fox traps and can provide immediate collection to prevent distress to you and also to the fox.


Foxes mate during late January, early February. The Vixen (Female) comes into heat once a year. As she approaches her Oestrus, the Dog (Male) Fox will stay close to her. The Vixen is receptive for approx 3 days and most sexual activity is confined to this short period. Litters are born in late March to early April after a gestation period of 53 days. The average size of a litter is 5. The weaning process begins at 4-5 weeks, but they may stay with the Vixen until they are 3 or 4 months old.


Although the Fox is quite a harmless animal, there have been complaints about them. They can dig up gardens and allotments, tear rubbish bags and take Game Birds and Poultry. Some people are distressed about a Wild Fox on their property but they rarely make unprovoked attacks on humans, although this is possible. The Fox is known to carry Mites, which cause Mange, which can be transferred to Cats and Dogs. This causes loss of hair and irritation of the skin, sometimes resulting in death. The Fox also is known for carrying Fleas and Roundworm.

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