The Mole – talpa europaea

Mole Hills

Adult size (approx.): 12cm-16cm 110g


The Mole is found throughout Britain mainly in areas of good soil suitable for tunneling.  They avoid areas that have stony, waterlogged or acidic soil.  They are most abundant in permanent grassland and deciduous woodland. But can also be found in gardens, parks, cemeteries, golf courses etc.


We are able to get rid of your moles with the use of traps and if required gas.  Mole Control is relatively easy with the use of mole traps, which can be placed in the moles tunnel systems.  Mole scissor traps can be used or “Duffus” traps are 2 commonly used.  Another service we offer is the use of Aluminium Phosphide Gas, which is placed in the mole tunnel systems.  All our technicians are trained in using gassing compounds.  We are professional, experienced mole catchers providing a complete service for all your mole problems.  We are able to provide humane methods of mole control.  Our services are available 7 days a week, for a free quotation, call today.


The Mole is a solitary mammal and lives predominantly underground.  They feed mainly on earthworms but also on other various invertebrates including slugs and insect larvae.  The breeding season lasts from February to June with normally just 1 litter per year.  After a 4-week gestation period, the young are born, 5 weeks later; they will leave the nest to start their own tunneling system.


The most important type of damage will be in agriculture.  Soil from Molehills in grass silage can result in spoilt unpalatable silage and is a possible source of Listeriosis in Sheep.  Molehills can be unsightly in amenity areas such as golf courses, parkland and cemeteries.  Damage can occur in arable crops when the Mole tunnels under seedlings and plants resulting in wilting and death.

Areas Covered for Mole Control

Mole Control Essex, London & Kent

Providing mole control for golf courses, farms, agricultural industry, councils, private parks, cemeteries & private properties.

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