The Rabbit – oryctolagus cuniculus


Adult size (approx.): 40cm 150g


The Rabbit lives communally in a system of burrows known as a warren.  They mark their territory by fouling around the perimeter of the warren, normally an area of 150-200m radius.  They tend to graze in short grasslands with secure harbourage nearby.  Expanding colonies tend to exploit areas of scrub or surface cover more readily than earth banks where cover is not available.


There are a number of methods in which to control the Rabbit successfully.  Rabbit gassing in rabbit burrows is highly effective and can reduce populations by 80% or higher.  Shooting rabbits can also take place normally during the evening (subject to the Ground Games Act 1980 and Firearms Act 1968) but is not as effective as gassing.  Snaring rabbits is possible with the use of a “free running snare” which can be laid in well-used rabbit runs in short vegetation.  There are a number of other traps such as rabbit spring traps, rabbit live bait traps and rabbit drop traps, which can be used.


The Rabbit is generally a nocturnal mammal.  The Rabbits breeding season is between January and August.  Females born early will start to breed after 3-4 months.  The gestation period is approximately 28 days with an average of 5 young per litter.  The Female may produce up to 5 litters a year.


Before action is taken, assessment of damage and whether population is likely to increase (which in normal circumstances always will), to see if any action is justifiable.  Damage can result in tree bark being destroyed, amenity sites such as bowling greens, cricket pitches and golf courses having poor grasslands and collapsing of burrows in embankments.  Damage can also be to crops and cereals for farmers.

Areas Covered for Rabbit Control

Rabbit Control Essex, London & Kent

Providing rabbit control, gassing, ferreting, drop & long netting, drop boxes, trapping and proofing for mainly agricultural customers such as farms, orchards, nurseries and stables.  We are also able to provide services to parks, golf courses, schools and domestic small holdings.

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