Needle & Sharps Disposal & Removal Specialists Essex, London & Kent

There are several items that can fall under the category of sharps including needles, syringes and lancets.  All these items are classed as clinical waste which entail means that a specialist has to remove, collect and dispose of them correctly.

We at 007 Pest Control come across a range of sharps items and drug paraphernalia when operating in void properties.  Our team of fully equipped specialists are able to deal with these items immediately leaving the void property clean and sharps free.  All of our specialists are trained and conversant with todays health and safety legislation and can deal with a single needle to a full property of sharps items.

Needle & Drug Sweep Services

If you are not sure whether a void property has any sharps or drug paraphernalia present, we are able to offer a full site sweep to ensure you there is not any items present.

Areas Covered for Sharps Disposal & Removal

Needle & Sharps Disposal & Removal in Essex, London & Kent

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